Miserable Retail Slave

The Way All Men Should Walk/ Cool Kids Jeans/ John Wayne doesn’t care for quitters/ The new Ghostbusters trailer/ Slimer was once a living man/ Tommy likes My Girl more than Ghostbusters/ TRB (@The_Retail_Rant) from The Retail Rant podcast!/ Tommy's pee pants/ Tommy's super hero power/ Beethoven/ What happened with the girl from last week?/ menage a nothing/ Snake Eyes 3: The Revenge/ The Regular World 13: The Return of The Return of Snake Eyes/ The Great One's words/ Skinny Guy in a fat man's hat/ Hillary the Clinton/ Tommy's  5 year old haircut/ Senator Tommy/ WTF with Mark Maroon/ The Riding Coattails Comedy Tour/ Most random place you’ve fallen asleep drunk/ The Return of Dirty Diana

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