Miserable Retail Slave
S04E20. Discount Ramen

Randy is discount ramen/ “down to Earth”/ Out of my league/ The Velveeta Mac/ Hunks/ Tommy has a smart phone!/ The Gravy Train/ Tommy talks into his phone/ Jortney/ Nose rings/ The Nose Taint/ Small Town Saturday Night/ Dancing on Ladies Night Out/ Secretly a Dancing Guy/ Randy won High School and Prom/ John Hughes Prom/ Prom Queens Gone Wild/ Tommy Two Shots/ The Death of Randy/ Things that should not be/ Speaking of Dying/ Tommy knows the lyrics to Magic Carpet Ride/ Randy’s Epic Rant/ The Thrilling Memoirs/ Poets/ Shoelaces/ Saving a bag/ Finding Moderation Tommy/ Paranormal Chef/ HAB’s cosplay idea/ Ruining Catwoman/ Sentimental Randy/ One Single Tear/ Documentary Now/ Michelle Pfeiffer/ P*ss On It/ Tommy hates cigarettes/ Smoking/ Canada’s Angriest Son/ Bragging about Memes/ Disclaimer Boy/ Feedback from S04E19/ Budgens/ Wooing women on online dating sites/ The Rug Doctor is Here/ Wonky Eye/ FISHING PUNS/ Let me tap that bass/ Be my shrimp boat captain/“I didn’t have to go fishing, I found my bass”/ Outdoorsy/ Too much adjective glory with a critical typo/Ariel or Ursula

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Intro: Intro: “Hard Times” by Dan “D-Boy” Amboy
Check out his music: https://soundcloud.com/dan-amboy

(Episode 120)

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