Miserable Retail Slave

Swans/ Debates/ Backyard weddings/ Extended family terminology/ For Your Convenience/ “if we could create the estimated death”/ Hand sanitizer/ Meaty Lips/ Topless coffee shops/ Randy is a villain?/ Tommy aged 8 years in 1 week/ sweat suits/ Cigarettes/ Joe Camel/ Indecisive reversers/ Being tired of people who think they can say what they want/ Trips to the bank/ Allowances/ Bank tellers/ Big Pockets Thompson/ Tommy’s taking a trip to the lumberyard/ Tommy has anxiety over household chores/ Nervous Tommy/ This lumber life/ The Saga of Red continues/ Inspiring podcasts/ She Gone/ Randy’s last words/ An Adult Choose Your Own Adventure/ Tommy’s short haircut/ Randy’s Career Fair/ My Pal, Pig Pen/ Crazy Rituals/ Yahoo Answers/ husband bunking/ Bad influences/ Tommy’s a fan of Aaron Neville

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Intro: “Hard Times” by Dan “D-Boy” Amboy
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(Episode 134)

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