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Podcast Persona/ Home of The Whopper/ Loogie Beard/ The Arcane Sciences of BK/ Some Boardie/ Tommy’s missing ear pieces/ Tommy’s Massive News/ I’m a Good Guy/ Tommy’s so selfish/ Randy Doesn’t Make the Cut/ Dating a Bison/ Promise Rings/ Wooing the girl of the week/ 2016/ Midlife Crisis Dad Vehicle/ The life of all gods/ Car Buyer’s Porn/ New Segment: we watch a video/ take the rest of the year off, Tommy/ Video Dating/ The Holiday Season is Approaching/ Dickliner/ Tommy’s a glow/ Rita and online dating nonsense/ Rita from The Nasty/ Randy can hit the breaking ball/ A miracle on ice/ Chad, the god of douchebags/ Husky Joey Tribianni/ The First Thinking Monkey/ Step Over It, Iggy/ Aristotle Winters


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Intro: “Hard Times” by Dan “D-Boy” Amboy
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(Episode 144)

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