Miserable Retail Slave

A significant loss/ Whopper McHambone/ The Tommy Thompson Soundboard/ Tommy’s dog died 20 years ago/ That kid that always got run over/ Ecstatic Gazelles/ The Prune Prowl/ JDate/ The Perfect Beard/ Those oversized sunglasses that these girls wear/ The Walking Dead Season Finale/ Pee Pee Pants City/ Urine Lad/ Celebrity Walking Dead/ Requiem for a Dream/ Nexterine/ Online dating profile pics/ The Helen of Troy of Match/ Mom Bombs/ The Shotgun Marriage App/ Swipe City, USA/ Tommy meets a prostitute/ The missing part of the story about the time Tommy met Kid Rock/ Shout-outs: The Mr. BS Show (@themrbsshow), Now That I’m Older (@ImOlderPC), Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics (@drunkcomicsfans) (Episode 108)

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