Miserable Retail Slave

Special Guests, HAB from The Couch Party Podcast (@Couch_Party), Tom from The Drunken Dork Podcast (@thedrunkendork), and TRB from The Retail Rant (@The_Retail_Rant)!!!!/ Floorburgers/ Don’t worry about my Windows/ Tommy’s defense mechanism/Woof McGilliculty/ Unintentional Online Dating Meetups/ Denim Venom/ A follow-up to the last episode/ Randy messes up/ Louie the Dog update/ Guys named Chad/ Absence Tooth/ James Cameron and Avatar/ Spider-Man: Homecoming/ Checks/ Living in the ‘80s/ Daredevil: Season 2/ Tommy drops a bombshell/ Don’t Trust a man in denim/ Tom Coe is one of the world’s greatest detectives/Tommy drank kerosene

Plenty of shout-outs to our friends Grimelords (@GrimeEmpire), Mixed Feelings Podcast (@mixedfeelingspc), Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics (@drunkcomicsfans). Check them out!!!

(episode 111)


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