Miserable Retail Slave
S04E21. Her Face was a Rorschach Test

A Secret Mistress/ Jortney/ Mudstreaks/ Tommy’s tombstone inscription/ Waitresses/ Conversations with Sober Tommy/Fruit Beer/ Bud Lite whispers/ A list of Tommy’s problems/ Do d-bags ever get tired of being douchey/ The Douche Program/ Line tattoos/ Crushing protein G’s/ Randy’s hair debacles/ “Don’t bite the fist”/ Saint Tootsie/ A Wolfman Baby/ The Convenience Nurse has a boyfriend/ Shout out to the moon/ ethical boners/ Pear: vegetable or fruit/ Cobweb elbows/ Loyalty Tattoo/ The Meaning of Cobweb Tattoos/ Updates on Ariel and online dating/ Is she an Ariel or an Ursula?/ Delicious B…./ Those bennies/ Raccoon Guy/ Underappreciated orgy guy/ The Bev Hypothesis/ Build an Acme trap/ Don’t have Sebastians/ Xanax Bars/ the Cannabis Cup/ Randy’s prog-rock band, Pipe N Bong/ Liking Phish/ iTunes reviews/ Dexter from Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics/ The Namor Podcast/ Aquaman’s wet t-shirt contest/ Skate or die/Tommy downloads the Couch Party app/Tommy yells into his phone/Anti-social media


(Episode 121)


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