Miserable Retail Slave

The Strangest Combination/ One of those neck tattoos again/ A Mutt of Confused Identities/ The Melting Pot/ Angry Tommy/ Marlboro Man is too cool/ A Nice Huge Middle Finger/ Tommy’s baby fit/ My ‘Nox/ Wild N Loose/ Sweet Flu Rollins/ Sax Games/ A Ctrl+Alt Delete Conservative/ We’re all set with these Christmas Songs/ The Secret Origin of Tommy/ You Got a Sacrilegious Mouth/ Burnt Carrot/ Metallica/ That punchline when Randy met a girl in The Regular World/ You Both Have Careers/ Tommy recaps his 2016/ Randy recaps his 2016/ You’re a SoHo/ Rubies/ Shootin’ Blanks/ The Miserable Hotline/ Tommy’s Arch Enemy

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Intro: “Hard Times” by Dan “D-Boy” Amboy
Check out his music: https://soundcloud.com/dan-amboy

(Episode 146)

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