Miserable Retail Slave (comedy)

Special Guests, HAB from The Couch Party Podcast (@Couch_Party), Tom from The Drunken Dork Podcast (@thedrunkendork), and TRB from The Retail Rant (@The_Retail_Rant)!!!!/ Floorburgers/ Don’t worry about my Windows/ Tommy’s defense mechanism/Woof McGilliculty/ Unintentional Online Dating Meetups/ Denim Venom/ A follow-up to the last episode/ Randy messes up/ Louie the Dog update/ Guys named Chad/ Absence Tooth/ James Cameron and Avatar/ Spider-Man: Homecoming/ Checks/ Living in the ‘80s/ Daredevil: Season 2/ Tommy drops a bombshell/ Don’t Trust a man in denim/ Tom Coe is one of the world’s greatest detectives/Tommy drank kerosene

Plenty of shout-outs to our friends Grimelords (@GrimeEmpire), Mixed Feelings Podcast (@mixedfeelingspc), Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics (@drunkcomicsfans). Check them out!!!

(episode 111)


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Special Guests, HAB from The Couch Party Podcast (@Couch_Party), Tom from The Drunken Dork Podcast (@thedrunkendork), and TRB from The Retail Rant (@The_Retail_Rant)!!!!! The Girl with the Pac-Man Tattoo/ Sir Dude/ That Gatorade Bottle Story/ TRB’s Roadside Bathroom story/ Tommy is Venom/ Emergency Napkins/ Louie the Dog/ #LearnFromLouie/ Technical Difficulties and Stories Derailing/ Women are T-shirt tags/ No shorts on stage/ Poems by Pablo Neruda/ More online dating misdaventures/ Wooing an online date via dog puns

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Nobody goes home to sleep/ President The Rock/ Tommy has a problem with Stone Cold Steve Austin/ Home Improvement History/ Delivering on our promises/ Pay Phones/ The first CD that you ever bought was/ Doing the Bartman and The Urkel/ Those Verve Pipe lyrics/ sending a Tinder message/Randy plan to frame Tommy/ Tommy the Prison Clown/ Online dating is like a RPG/ Belly buttons are a weird thing/ Autocorrect/ Is It Normal?/ RIP Merle Haggard/ TV Emotions/ Finders Keepers/ Growing up Helicopter/ Saving a stranger from drowning for $6 billion/ Baywatch talk

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A significant loss/ Whopper McHambone/ The Tommy Thompson Soundboard/ Tommy’s dog died 20 years ago/ That kid that always got run over/ Ecstatic Gazelles/ The Prune Prowl/ JDate/ The Perfect Beard/ Those oversized sunglasses that these girls wear/ The Walking Dead Season Finale/ Pee Pee Pants City/ Urine Lad/ Celebrity Walking Dead/ Requiem for a Dream/ Nexterine/ Online dating profile pics/ The Helen of Troy of Match/ Mom Bombs/ The Shotgun Marriage App/ Swipe City, USA/ Tommy meets a prostitute/ The missing part of the story about the time Tommy met Kid Rock/ Shout-outs: The Mr. BS Show (@themrbsshow), Now That I’m Older (@ImOlderPC), Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics (@drunkcomicsfans) (Episode 108)

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Super Mario Analysis/ Cooties/ Jackson Galaxy/ Tommy’s a Semi-Pro/ Carnival Weight Guessers/ Dirty Dez/ Picking your Top 3 Stand-up Comedians/ That time that Randy saw Jerry Seinfeld/ Randy sees his doppelgänger/ Louie CK/ Being over The Walking Dead/ Randy joins Bumble (Episode 104)

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Deer/ The Amish Church of Tommy/ Twittel/ Chuckle Soup for the Comedian's Soul/ Tommy ruins a child for life/ Does Tommy have a tail?/ A surprise online dating profile/ Attack Falcon/ A trip/ What happened with the voice message from last week?/ Blowdog sniffs around again/ Using wow in conversations/ The Regular World 16: You Haz Conversations/ No BS/ Online dating jobber/ Dull But Pretty

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Combine McGee/ Coffee-nated/ People with more tattoos have better immune systems/ Stitches Get Snitches/ Showing up 1st at a party/Randy wants to invent a new online dating app/ What would John Cusak do?/ Remixing online dating techniques/ Standing Out/ Tommy wants to give Randy a makeover/ Facial Hair Song/ Finding your online dating voice/ Fit to Fat to Fit/ Randy finds a new (and creative?) way to message women on online dating sites/ Cringe?/ The Greyskulls/ Tom Hanks is something/ Madonna songs/ The Message (Episode 102)

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The Chronicles of Redic/ Julia Stools/ St. Spuds Mackenzie Day/ Murder Babies/ What happened with 97%/ Counting Crows makes Tommy cry/ Study tells you when you can fart in front of your significant other/Yahoo Answers/ Little Piglet/ Jobs for idiots/Aficionado/ Tommy is Moneyball fat (Episode 101)

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EPISODE 100/ Seattle Amanda/ A handfew/ TRB has a serious voice/ Mouth Hugs/ Weird Tommy returns/ Randy has a fit/ More Grampy Jim wisdom/ A very special episode of Fuller House is written/ Chap Stick/ Secrets are told/ HORSESHOES/ Proof that Delaware exists/ Captain America: Civil War trailer and Spider-Man/ That TMNT cartoon that you forgot about/ We write a Hallmark movie/ Big Nose Ben With His Bright Blue Jacket/ Randy's favorite memory of Tommy/ what happened with Snake Eyes, Dirty Diana, and 97%?/ The Regular World 14: Randy is going to get a restraining order/That time Tommy almost got abducted by an alien as a child/The End

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The Way All Men Should Walk/ Cool Kids Jeans/ John Wayne doesn’t care for quitters/ The new Ghostbusters trailer/ Slimer was once a living man/ Tommy likes My Girl more than Ghostbusters/ TRB (@The_Retail_Rant) from The Retail Rant podcast!/ Tommy's pee pants/ Tommy's super hero power/ Beethoven/ What happened with the girl from last week?/ menage a nothing/ Snake Eyes 3: The Revenge/ The Regular World 13: The Return of The Return of Snake Eyes/ The Great One's words/ Skinny Guy in a fat man's hat/ Hillary the Clinton/ Tommy's  5 year old haircut/ Senator Tommy/ WTF with Mark Maroon/ The Riding Coattails Comedy Tour/ Most random place you’ve fallen asleep drunk/ The Return of Dirty Diana

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