Miserable Retail Slave (comedy)

SPECIAL GUEST, TRB FROM THE RETAIL RANT PODCAST: LONG SHOW/ The Deadman's Liquor/ Lil Jon's words/ Lyrics Song/ Tommy's birthday/ American Ultra and Daffy Duck/ TRB is a master impressionist/ Zimbabwe's Mr Ugly Contest/ Flint, Michigan/ MouseMingle/ Tommy got bullied as an adult/ Gym etiquette and Dino Bravo/ Updates on online dating and Blowdog/ The Unintended Consequences of putting it all out there/ Sexy is Way Gone/ Further online dating adventures/ Is it Creepy or is it Romantic?/Mrs. Ed/ Lolo, The One Who Got Away/ TRB's Tom Brokaw/ Rob Liefeld/ We learn about Scott Weiland’s passing live on the show/ TRB met Dave Grohl/ Yoda is a green monster



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Yo Mama/ Tommy brags/ Broken Uterus/ Condom emoji/An Update on Snake Eyes/ Seattle Amanda joins the show/ Mulders/ The levels of the nerd kingdom/ Dark Auras/ Beige Curtains/Charming butterfly/ Mickey Trammel/ Yahoo Answers/ Homework Assignment

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Bizarro Tooth Fairy/ Ranty B and The Retail Rant podcast/ An unexpected adventure/ the saga of Operation: Snake Eyes begins/ Emo Alvin & The Chipmunks/ We watch things (Anthony Jeselnick: Thoughts and Prayers, Finders Keepers)/ Friday the 13th/ A fighting game we’d like to see

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Rowdy Roddy Piper's Sleeper Hold/ People Shouldn't Fly/ The 5-Mile High Club/ Looking Pensive/ Movers and Shakers/ No More Horror Movie Icons/ Freddy Krueger/ Movie Talk: It Follows, Crimson Peak, Knock Knock/ Miley Cyrus Nude Concert/ Tommy has never heard of Supergirl/ Tommy's bar fight/ The Most Dangerous Animal/ The Walking Dead (spoiler alert) died?

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Adulting/ Seeing the leaves change colors/ The awkwardness of funerals and making Tommy uncomfortable/ the average person/ Swedish kids show makes song with dancing tampons/ Playboy loses the nudes/ Tommy rages against the Internet/ Randy tweets at the wrong John Goodman/ Randy fails at girls/ Missed Connections

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This week: Adult Haunted Houses/ Ghosts aren't scary these days/ It's too easy to take a selfie/ Nasally voices/ Hunter fends off bear by shoving his arm down its throat/ Rating people on the Peeple app/ Donald Trump vs. Keith Richards vs. Montgomery Burns/ Colonel Sanders meets The Flash/ The Maxi-Pad Bandit/ Yahoo Answers/ Missed Connections

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Staff Sergeant/ Tommy’s weird on coffee/ Charlie Brown analysis/ Iron Will and Cool Runnings/ the Prince of Podcasts/ Tommy’s Ghostly Dog/ Is Tommy the Best IN the Midwest/ Dating advice: does the guy always pay?/Bob Dylan speaks/Tommy SPOILS The Visit/ Erase your life/ Tommy doesn’t know how things work/Bored with Netflix/ People Make People/ Lady Zaza/Catastrophe/I have this pill joke/Portly

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WEIRD SHOW. Netflix and Chill/ Washington gives birth to hip things/ Randy’s Gun Leg/ Podcast showdown/ Tommy’s day of responsibility/ Chicken/ VMAs/ Caitlyn/ Tommy’s transgender name/ Hamsters in the Military/ Miley Fan ‘Cast/ Isolated vocals/ People watch Netflix/ Special Guest: Arnold/ Stephen Colbert/ New patron saint of MRS/ Contest to win Tommy’s flip phone/ Tommy argues with Conan the Destroyer

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Scratch off ticket/ Beaver tails/ eating Mr Ed/ Scenario/ Meeting the dad/ Best in the Midwest/ Pooductivity/ It Never Stops/ Playing with people’s hair/ Rattlesnake selfie/bear beer snob/ the incident

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Mysterious Wigwam and the trash collector man/ Do people have memories?/YouTube channels/ Bee Mouth/ Breathe Responsibly/ The Notebook: The TV Series/ KFC Memories Bucket/ Cull the sharks/ Sharks with Vendettas/Tommy reviews Pixels/ I am Chris Farley/ Haha vs LOL/ Cyborg Activism/ Tommy doesn’t know what a reboot is/ 1989 bad/ Man goes on vacation, becomes goat. UPDATE/Adam Sandberger

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