Miserable Retail Slave

EPISODE 100/ Seattle Amanda/ A handfew/ TRB has a serious voice/ Mouth Hugs/ Weird Tommy returns/ Randy has a fit/ More Grampy Jim wisdom/ A very special episode of Fuller House is written/ Chap Stick/ Secrets are told/ HORSESHOES/ Proof that Delaware exists/ Captain America: Civil War trailer and Spider-Man/ That TMNT cartoon that you forgot about/ We write a Hallmark movie/ Big Nose Ben With His Bright Blue Jacket/ Randy's favorite memory of Tommy/ what happened with Snake Eyes, Dirty Diana, and 97%?/ The Regular World 14: Randy is going to get a restraining order/That time Tommy almost got abducted by an alien as a child/The End

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The Way All Men Should Walk/ Cool Kids Jeans/ John Wayne doesn’t care for quitters/ The new Ghostbusters trailer/ Slimer was once a living man/ Tommy likes My Girl more than Ghostbusters/ TRB (@The_Retail_Rant) from The Retail Rant podcast!/ Tommy's pee pants/ Tommy's super hero power/ Beethoven/ What happened with the girl from last week?/ menage a nothing/ Snake Eyes 3: The Revenge/ The Regular World 13: The Return of The Return of Snake Eyes/ The Great One's words/ Skinny Guy in a fat man's hat/ Hillary the Clinton/ Tommy's  5 year old haircut/ Senator Tommy/ WTF with Mark Maroon/ The Riding Coattails Comedy Tour/ Most random place you’ve fallen asleep drunk/ The Return of Dirty Diana

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Optimism Prime/Tommy's new outlook on life/ Pen Names/ How ballas do/ Tommy gives a history lesson/ Norwegian Woman Hangs Used Condom Collection On Her Wall/ Tommy has a girlfriend in The Regular World/ Seattle Amanda (@mandasaures_rex) calls in for online dating advice and calls Randy "Beige Curtains"/ Cute Picture Ratios/ You’re not Jess from New Girl/ What Would Your Mortal Kombat finisher Be?/ Randy has a talking brain like Krang/ Randy has cracked the online dating code/ Randy’s solid closer/ Mystery and The Pick-up Artist/ "I do know these groups of young magicians"/ The NEW Randy/ Tommy ruins a girl’s spring break/ Amanda gets attacked by Eddie Vedder/Listen to the Rise and Fall of an Arrogant Man in Real Time

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Special Guest, Tom (@thedrunkendork) from The Drunken Dork Podcast! / The Shakira Virus/ What a lover Macgyver must’ve been/ Batman v. Macgyver/ TomCoe Tuesdays/ Bill Hicks/ The Worst Idea of All Time podcast/ Thumb fetishes/ Pears/ Panty vending machines/ Offending people on Twitter/ Beejers/ THE TRIVIA CONTEST TO CROWN, KING DORK/ Aunt May tentacle porn/ Explaining Deadpool to someone who knows nothing about comics/ Deathpools/ Ambush Bug?/ More online dating talk/ Mrs Ed, swimming with the dolphins/ These Mellencamps/ The Toms try to help Randy get a date/Party Lines

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Big news, huge news/ Bananas/ Ranty. B from The Retail Rant podcast (@The_Retail_Rant)/ The Cartoon Rant/ The Regular World 10: Laugh Hard, Play Hard/Armchair Producer Update/Being a hero/ Sidebar!/ Beauty and the Ghoul/ Missed Connections/ Feet are gross/Male Enhancement Coach/ Randy's Tony Stark/ @DosBrosRadio/ Tommy, the video game villain/ Miserable Addiction Slave/ Stanley Pubrick @pubealert/More online dating/ Some people search for Jet Li/ Shakespeare on OK Cupid/ kids


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Bad Audio Quality. Deal With It!/ Car Ride/ Tommy, the Human Mic Stand/ Kids toys from movies in the ‘80s/ The Punisher's back/ Flint, Michigan's other important issue/Daniel Radcliffe's Farting Corpse Movie, Swiss Army Man/ The movie, The Lobster/ Hey, Girl. Hey/ More online dating/ Miss Elizabeth/ Randy might be getting Catfished/ Wrestling/ The End of Real Life Was The End of Mick Foley/ The Highest grossing movie in China, Monster Hunter/ The Regular World 9: Tommy Doesn’t Know/The night Kevin Nash almost killed Randy/ Stripparaoke = stripping + karaoke

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Kids named after presidents/ Tinder swipes/ Super Like/ Randy's ugly face/ Self Esteem vampire/ my girlfriend has skills/ Living to be 117/ the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan/ the Flint River/ Cher donates water to Flint/ Michael Moore and his Time magazine article


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The Gum Factor/ The Urban Legend of Tommy/ Updates in Online Dating Misadventures/ Tommy trumps a headliner/ A resolution to the hot one-smart one dilemma/ The story of Dirty Diana/ A go fund me account from Randy's romantic life/ The Ballad of Snake Eyes/ 97%/ Tommy fails to help out/ The Regular World 7: Experience This/ Swiping/ Tinder


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The Popcorn Trick: Plot holes in Star Wars + SPOILERS/ Bennedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange/ Recycled Actors/ Guns N Roses reunites with Slash/ Rest in Peace, Lemmy/ Our 10 favorite movies of 2015/ The Rock/ The bathroom habits of The Walking Dead/ Paul won’t see Ant Man/ Making a Murderer on Netflix

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A Compilation of some of our “best” bits/ Superman’s Super Senses/ Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet/ we talked about online dating YEARS ago/ Writing a Nicholas Sparks movie/ Randy's death embarrassment/ iBola/ Tommy Meets Kid Rock/ Randy almost meets Brian Posehn/ Centaur droppings/ Tommy takes the "How British Are You?" Quiz/ A Girl Named Ka/ A Stolen Soul


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