Miserable Retail Slave

This week: Learn about the Businessman's Special, The Nacho Fiasco and The Kiss Cam Incident. We talk about Beached, Hollywood's last original idea, and valuable whale vomit. Plus, Republicans say the darndest things, Superman's ballin' Wonder Woman and Chad Kroeger/Avril maple leaf babies. Also, Neil Armstrong, cyclist. Randy writes a Nicholas Sparks movie. And we ask the hard hitting question: does Wonder Woman shave her legs?

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Stealing home/ Update on a girl named Ka/ The banana/ The panic of Shark Week/ Sharktopus is a getaway machine/ The Odd Life of Timothy Green/ The heartbreak of Benji the Hunted/ The Desolate Wasteland of Delaware/ Toddler Fight Club/ Tommy's sober again (for 10 minutes)/ Hank Williams, Jr. vs. Obama/ Dueling Dave Mustaine impressions/ Tommy's going to rehab/ Paul Ryan vs. Rage Against the Machine/ Randy's Rolling Stone magazine rage/ Trap doors, Steel Gates, 3 Headed Dogs/ Carson Daly/ Classy Chick/ Osama role-playing. LEAVE US A REVIEW ON iTUNES!

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The worst drunken rendition of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song that you've ever heard// Garfield is a racist // Tommy's misadventures with Ka// Pepe Le Pew loves kitty// Were beavers// Tommy does the Carlton// cursive writing// the next president of the United States, Paul Ryan// Wreck-It Ralph// Awkward Hugs// If you fall, you'll land amongst the stars

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So, Arsenio Hall walks into a bar.../ Derek Jeter is Minnie Mantlez/ A real life Jurassic Park?/ Saw: The Cruise/ Finding God thru boots to the face/ Randy and Tommy's Excellent Spring Break Adventure/ J. Go-Levs/ Marking your territory/ Randy drops beats/ Elton John vs. Madonna/ beefcakes = meatloaf/ Don Knots: Nazi Slaying Fish. 

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