Miserable Retail Slave

Bioprint some meat/ Drunk driving permits/ Courteous Lad/ Michelangelo, Shaggy, Scooby have a party/ Phoenix Jones wants you!/ Death by boob/ Moisturizing jeans/ Yahoo Answers/ Slash Michael Gunn/ the polite vandal/ skin ring/ New Zealand hates cats/ Beyonce lip synched!

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Hair is a lethal weapon/ The Vaportini/ Infidelity Phones/ Golden globes/ Deaf gangsta/ 18 Heads/ Kiss the rhino on the cheek/ …And you will know him by the trail Cheetos/ DNA spray/ Tommy's concern for life/ Megan Fox doesn't want to be a sex symbol/ the Robocop statue/ The Bathroom bandit/ find your sugar daddy/ An endangered species

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New Year's Resolutions/ Sneaky cat plans a jailbreak/ Name list/ Oldest lifeguard in America/ Sharks/ Blind man's instagram account/ Virtual assassins/ Yahoo Answers/ Taco Bell Speedo/ Stupid Justin Beiber is stupid/ Giant squid

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