Miserable Retail Slave

This week: The Joy of Community College/ Hamburger University/ The Best TV Theme Song Ever/ Tommy is a Belieber and calls Anne Frank ugly/ Under the influence of "drum and bass"/ Pad Gardner, the human sanitary napkin/ Eels/ space feces

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The resurrection of Tommy/ Operation fan fiction/ Facebook equal signs/ Facebook beat poetry/ Tommy never met a whale/ Dogfish/ Urban Tarzan/ Six Mix-A-Lot's Bootyism & Reincarnation/ Scratch-n-Sniff pot cards/ God smells/ the Human Billboard/ A hobo named Landfill/ The Abode of Chaos/ Supermodels have opinions/ The Ex/ Chad/ Does Delaware Exist?/ The Krang and Shredder Dinner Party/ Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Ralph Malph

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