Miserable Retail Slave

Buffalo head/ booty shakin'/ United States of Amammary/ MC Hammer rape whistle/  Google Glass/ the ultimate Facebook stalking tool/ Wearing Flippy Floppies with a Flippy Phlone/ Assault burrito/ Bullet in the oven/ Ski mask talk/ Burrito abuse/ Dead mice dropped on Guam/ One Million Moms hate talking pigs/ Tommy vetoes Randy's life/ Charlotte's Web talk/ Tommy loved New Kids on the Block/ Tommy and the Walrus doing the Locomotion/ Stolen porn alert

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2nd episode this week. A quick and dirty one. Dumbo got drunk/ Deleting Myspace/ The politics of Myspace/ Facebook after death/ Panty Face/ Japan's weirdest hero/ Hentai Kamen/ Ratbot the bully

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The buns are the ham/ Asteroids/ Adam Levine's zits/ Photgraph of S8er Boi/ Iceland wants to ban all the fun/ Guppies like hotties/ Fish stoned on pill pollution/ Skeletor Jones/ Woman has the same song on repeat in her head for 3 years/ The Climb vs. Purple Rain/ Mississippi abolishes slavery/ Florida man bites a police car/ Krispy Kreme chase/ Fart studies/ Fanta's tasty ad/ Rep Sue McClurkin thinks babies are organs/ Lisa Turtle/ Norway's version of TGIF/ Keeping it Kardashian-free/ the replacement stripper

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A quick and dirty episode! Adam Levine's scent/ When Spider-Man attacks/ THC University/ Cereal!/ Tommy milks a cow/ Erotic video games/ the truth about Ms. Pac-Man

Intro: "Mickey Maos" by Halloween

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The holy angel of Old Spice/ God is Rain Man/ .300 batting average/ Kai, the hatchet wielding hitchhiker/ Love Gone Wild/ Horseman baby/ The Woman with the Face tattoo/ Monopoly controversy/ Flipper the cat/ Amusement park where Osama bin Laden was killed/ the Intimacy dress/ Vodka monument/ Ugly Wednesdays/ the Peanut Butter Podcast/ Interrupting Psychologist/ Kristin Wiig Rage/ Breastaurants/ Aporkalypse

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Favorite '80s vehicle from pop culture/ The politics of Back to the Future/ KITT = GPS/ Ecto Cooler and Slimer/ Planet Homebuddies/ Smack your BF up/ Condom size app/ German Cookie Monster/ Flamey, the burn ward mascot/ Human tails/ Science time with Tommy/ Hitler's toilet/ 4th grade cocaine science project/ Snowman gets lucky/ Another Armstrong cheated/ fluffy muff hat/ The Monks/ 

Eating cat hair/ Skull and crossbones

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Bioprint some meat/ Drunk driving permits/ Courteous Lad/ Michelangelo, Shaggy, Scooby have a party/ Phoenix Jones wants you!/ Death by boob/ Moisturizing jeans/ Yahoo Answers/ Slash Michael Gunn/ the polite vandal/ skin ring/ New Zealand hates cats/ Beyonce lip synched!

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Hair is a lethal weapon/ The Vaportini/ Infidelity Phones/ Golden globes/ Deaf gangsta/ 18 Heads/ Kiss the rhino on the cheek/ …And you will know him by the trail Cheetos/ DNA spray/ Tommy's concern for life/ Megan Fox doesn't want to be a sex symbol/ the Robocop statue/ The Bathroom bandit/ find your sugar daddy/ An endangered species

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New Year's Resolutions/ Sneaky cat plans a jailbreak/ Name list/ Oldest lifeguard in America/ Sharks/ Blind man's instagram account/ Virtual assassins/ Yahoo Answers/ Taco Bell Speedo/ Stupid Justin Beiber is stupid/ Giant squid

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