Miserable Retail Slave

This is a short LOST EPISODE. What a treat. Not a great first listen. Go listen to the last episode, if you haven’t. Then come back and listen to this one! 


Scheming Tommy/ Nefarious Nosferatu /Randy impersonates Bruce Springsteen/ Faking your death/ John Doerr/ Vin Diesel/ Superfudge/ babality/ One Direction sadness

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BIG SHOW. A scholar is born/These bonfires/sultry sad songs/year 3/The Quest for Morbidly/Grampy Jim Wisdom/Tommy lies about surfing/Sexy Red Hairs, what are those?/Molly Ringworm/The Tree Ginger/Montage of Heck/Tommy plays a game/Tommy Was./Urinal Conversation Etiquette/Middle Blue/Bar Fights/Giggles the Pig for Mayor/Pig Pen/Subway DNA/The Humburglar/ AND SO MUCH MORE. OMG.



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Raising the status/ The Patron Saint of MRS/ Night Thoughts About Sam Smith/ Alex P. Hairgel and the Fear of Cheese/ Femininja/ Tim Burton's Dumbo/ Roar/ 50 Shades of Grey/ The Worst Script/ Tommy Loves The Bachelor/ Will Smith vs. Tom Hanks/ The Longest Ride/ Tongue Sight

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This week: So real/Larrys/Decadent/Don't Judge Me, Bro/PB & JC/Tommy features for Last Comic Standing's Dave Landau/SI Swimsuit issue/SNL 40

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Mumbles and Such/ gas station antics/Bev/ Word to the Y/ Fully Bev/ Macho Man walks into a gas station/ Hulk Hogan fanny pack/ Tommy's on tour/ Bob Dylan farts/ that time Tommy met Kid Rock/ a real strong brow/ we are fish/ Jupiter's Uranus/ Sky Sharks/ playing dodgeball with Jesus/ Christian Mingle: the Movie/ Bill/ Guys with ponytails/ The Love Walrus/ female Ghostbusters/ The push for 75

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Snarknado/ Tommy's breast/ A Very Dr. Doom Christmas/ These movie titles these days/ The Bachelor/ Whiplash/ This German drummer kid/ Mac Sabbath/ Dance Party Dreams/ The Scrabble Squad/ The First Rule of Jeff Healey/ Tommy stays in a haunted house/ toe scrape

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