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Miserable Retail Slave is a comedy show that looks at life, love, and the odd daily occurrences that keep life interesting. 

"Useless and Enjoyable" - listener review of the show.

Give us three episodes, you'll be so hooked. 

Mar 14, 2016

EPISODE 100/ Seattle Amanda/ A handfew/ TRB has a serious voice/ Mouth Hugs/ Weird Tommy returns/ Randy has a fit/ More Grampy Jim wisdom/ A very special episode of Fuller House is written/ Chap Stick/ Secrets are told/ HORSESHOES/ Proof that Delaware exists/ Captain America: Civil War trailer and Spider-Man/ That TMNT cartoon that you forgot about/ We write a Hallmark movie/ Big Nose Ben With His Bright Blue Jacket/ Randy's favorite memory of Tommy/ what happened with Snake Eyes, Dirty Diana, and 97%?/ The Regular World 14: Randy is going to get a restraining order/That time Tommy almost got abducted by an alien as a child/The End