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Miserable Retail Slave is a comedy show that looks at life, love, and the odd daily occurrences that keep life interesting. 

"Useless and Enjoyable" - listener review of the show.

Give us three episodes, you'll be so hooked. 

Mar 19, 2017

The Season Finale!!!


Rage Quit/ Pac-Man is eating ghosts/ We don't know the backstory of those ghosts/ Wal-Martin/ Pop-Tarts/ Space Facts with Mike Degrease Tyson/ a Wal-Mart Missed Connection/ Those Wal-Mart Piranhas/ a lost soulmate/ Those hard nose breathers/ Tommy performed at a pizza joint/ "There was way other food"/ a special guest/ Season Finale/ Tommy never bumps/ Randy was visited by Sweet Flu Rollins/ Randy the dragon/ An alternative to nuclear war/ a wrong Inspector Gadget reference/ Tommy cried after he was a bully/ "Never shaving creamed another soul"/ The Ghost of Jamiroquai/ The Way that 21st Century Ghosts haunt people/ The two things that Randy knows about Abe Lincoln/ Chris Vickers has more words for Tommy/ Struggling?!!?/ Pipsqueak/ Why are people afraid of clowns?/ Be afraid of the pale faces/ pushing for bathroom stall reform/ Stall gaps/ bathrooms in Italy/ Fart and philosophize/ Tigers stadium thoughts/ adding magical tees/ the elite, VIP stalls/ Depression/ Eyebrows Malone/ The Miserable Hotline/ A Breaking Bad Guy/ Heather D solves Tommy's problems/ Frankie/ Randy is catching Tommy's obesity/ Online dating nonsense/ Updates on Danger Zone and the result of those Top Gun Puns/ Randy put his bobber into the ocean/ Tommy's face is a golf course/ Third times a charm?/ Teasing season 5


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Intro: “Hard Times” by Dan “D-Boy” Amboy
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(Episode 155)