Miserable Retail Slave

Listen to the some (but not all) of the best that two idiotic idiots have to offer. These are some of our favorite clips from episodes 1-21 of the show. Including an old recording of Tommy talking about his epic 21 bday. Also: Arsenio walks into a bar/ soul for sale/ Wonder Woman's invisble jet/ The Nacho Fiasco/ The Everybody Hates Us tour/ the power of Alex Trebek's mustache/ Porky Pigging it/ Fantasy Slut League/ gothic/ half cocked/ Tommy rages against The Notebook/ Tommy's bff Bob Dylan/ Randy writes a Nick Sparks novel/ off the wagon/ Kenny Loggins' music vault/ the man who lived with goats/ Beware of Pac-Man/ ghosts like pie/ tennis grunting/ Dr. Um/ Disney rock stars/ A girl named Ka/ Costner rage/ hugs/ Tommy's ladies/Tommy's 21st

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