Miserable Retail Slave

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA: It’s the Popcorn Trick, in which we review the cult classic.

The Full Sheets/ Online dating nonsense/ The Retail Paradise That Gainfully Employees Me/ Sideways glances/ Paul Bunyan’s Applesauce/ An unwanted online dating encounter/ Redbox and Chill/ House Party/ Baby Childs/ The Myth Of the Stork/ Dancing Kids/ Big Trouble in Little China/ John Carpenter/ The Fetching Kim Cattrall/ Jack Burton the hero/ Mortal Kombat and Big Trouble in Little China/ Raiden and Kung Pow Chicken/ Aren’t you going to kiss her?/Big Trouble In Little China soundtrack/ Ghost Ship/ Everybody has a list/ Top 5 family movies that frighten/ Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz/Judge Droom/ Freddy eats people/ Bragging Rights/People who laugh

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