Miserable Retail Slave

Tommy overanalyzes everything/ They call me Gameboi/ Disclaimer/ A New Era of Positivity/ Famous Amos Moral Tales/ Mike Degrease Tyson/ Another horrible impression from Tommy/ The Power of Chuck/ Seeking Action Figure Status/ Beware the Freckled Children/ A frightening fact/ Rotting potatoes/ Hometowns/ Buying ice is a scam/ Black Eyes/ Fetus Sister/ Glen The Ice Man/ Future Mayors of America/ Boots/ Uh-Huh/ Being a fan of Pras in The Fugees/ Tommy gives up/ Rhode Island, home of the feral clowns/ wearing glasses for facial expressions/ Tommy’s small eyes/ Tommy’s smart phone addiction/ Country Music Name Game/ Cosmic Hallelujah/ Tommy’s stance on country music/ A Nancy Sinatra/ Cher likes bottled water


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Intro: “Hard Times” by Dan “D-Boy” Amboy
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(Episode 138)



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