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Miserable Retail Slave is a comedy show that looks at life, love, and the odd daily occurrences that keep life interesting. 

"Useless and Enjoyable" - listener review of the show.

Give us three episodes, you'll be so hooked. 

Aug 28, 2016



Getting Older/ 100% genuine toots/ Cropdusting/ Metamucil Retail Slave/ Those side effects/ One Dollar Hot Dog and Bikini night/ Stick Men Tattoos/ Juggalos/ Red Solo Cups/ Walt’s Crawlers/ New logo/ Last place finish/ Randy becomes a GAMER/ Granny Panty Mondays/ Zitface 37/ Sled Dogg/...

Aug 4, 2016

The Greatest Gift that retail can give/ Cole Slaw/ The next great action hero/ Tommy is Jiminy Cricket/ half pint/ Tommy consumed an alcohol lime/ the Mathiscast/ Retail Rats/ Seal your holes/ Pokemon Go/ Pokematch/ Catching Emojis/ Squirtle/ Dating ET/ Love Travels/ Collarbone slogans/ Tommy is a prized pig/...