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Miserable Retail Slave is a comedy show that looks at life, love, and the odd daily occurrences that keep life interesting. 

"Useless and Enjoyable" - listener review of the show.

Give us three episodes, you'll be so hooked. 

Feb 21, 2021

A cynical optimist/ a nail polish mishap/ The worst break up line ever/ poison control/ scarring kids for life/ Dads live for shoveling/ Tommy talks about Marc Maron/ I have a trauma too/ poison control is still a thing/ that one time Tommy drank kerosene/ poison control blogs/ The Reese’s Pieces...

Feb 7, 2021

It's the second installment of the History of Unimportant Things. This time, it's the history of Bud Light mascot, Spuds Mackenzie.

Names/ beer mascots/ that first sip/ beer is a pain that you inflict on yourself/ Dean of Partyology/ the origin of Spuds Mackenzie/ Senior Party Consultant/ Spuds as a sex...

Feb 4, 2021

Song of the Hermit Crab II/ Getting bullied and wicked wedgies/ Porker/ All animals want territory/ more Hermit Crab facts/ America’s Next Top Crab/ Never disturb Hermit crabs during the day/ greatness is not my calling just painful mediocrity/ comedian Will Green joins the show/ Will Green’s School for Wayward...