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Miserable Retail Slave is a comedy show that looks at life, love, and the odd daily occurrences that keep life interesting. 

"Useless and Enjoyable" - listener review of the show.

Give us three episodes, you'll be so hooked. 

Jul 14, 2016


This week:


Bearding/ The Human Feline/ Spit washing your hair/ “Reviews to Play”/ Is the white flag being raised in the iTunes war with Mixed Feelings Podcast?/ Spunky/ Women are monsters/ Pokémon GO/ Pokémon GO is the scheme of a super villain/ Adult Pokémon/ Ronnie the Mullet/ Slime/ Tommy wants to be Dr Dre/ Tommy was the coolest kid in his neighborhood/ Joey Alabama/ Tommy loves “Straight Out of Compton”/ JR/ Starter jackets/ Grunt like a man/ Bad elbow tattoos/ Compass tattoos/ Offended by a compass/ Ryu noises/ Nice guy loving girls are fables/ Levels/ Wrong Trombone, Tommy/ Tommy is North America/ The Hawk/ Randy takes credit for Tommy’s accomplishments/ Tubes and tentacles/ Some squid mouth/ Regional references/ The Country Music Name Game/ Randy turns into a cricket/ Florida Georgia Line/ A giant mediocre bomb/ Tide Properly, country music star/ Rock on/ The ol’ Dial Pad/ Messages on The Miserable Hotline/ “I’m sorry all the people”/ How phone calls work/ Red Roof Inn stories/ A celebrity encounter at the Red Roof Inn/ 3 Degrees of Jamie Kennedy/ Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Colonics/ Making the talent happyTommy did his first pull up/ Resurrection Cola



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Intro: “Hard Times” by Dan “D-Boy” Amboy
Check out his music:

(Episode 124)