Miserable Retail Slave

The End of the World/ We live in the Matrix/ We're all figments of Psy's dream/ Scrambled Cinemax porn/ Ditto/ the Year of the Face Snack/ the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist/ Uncle Jamiroquai/ Jesus comes back with a keen fashion sense/ a hotel shaped like an anus/ A Gerbil Named Dick/ poking the dolphin/ riding a dying whale/ Stolen driveway/ Yahoo Answers/ Mustache fingers/ gas station rage/ Horrible Holiday stories

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This week: People are the worst/ Jesus lacks text messaging skills/ Santa thinks you're a lumberjack/ Tommy tweaks out on coffee/ Pizza Hut perfume/ Hut bread/ Super Nintendo nostalgia/ 12-12-12/ Applez and Sauce/ Snortin' ashes/ below the line/ more Yahoo Answers/ Whacking Day/ Fully loaded meat/ Women are lie detectors

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Tommy's senior citizen ghost/ Tommy's all grown up/ trading spirits for spirits/ A girl named Hashtag/ can you outlive the social media that you're named after/ 6 trillion texts and nothing said/ Olsen Twins pill bag/ more Yahoo answers are solved/ speaking in tongues/ mustache transplants

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Listen to the some (but not all) of the best that two idiotic idiots have to offer. These are some of our favorite clips from episodes 1-21 of the show. Including an old recording of Tommy talking about his epic 21 bday. Also: Arsenio walks into a bar/ soul for sale/ Wonder Woman's invisble jet/ The Nacho Fiasco/ The Everybody Hates Us tour/ the power of Alex Trebek's mustache/ Porky Pigging it/ Fantasy Slut League/ gothic/ half cocked/ Tommy rages against The Notebook/ Tommy's bff Bob Dylan/ Randy writes a Nick Sparks novel/ off the wagon/ Kenny Loggins' music vault/ the man who lived with goats/ Beware of Pac-Man/ ghosts like pie/ tennis grunting/ Dr. Um/ Disney rock stars/ A girl named Ka/ Costner rage/ hugs/ Tommy's ladies/Tommy's 21st

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Come celebrate our 25th episode! This week: Back to school/ HIV Muppets/ The whales won/ TWINKIES!!!/ Tommy witnesses a dance competition/ free Creed posters/ Who's the biggest celeb you've been around?/ Jerry Seinfeld stories/ Tommy cries/ We answer Yahoo's questions/ Catfish/ Literally/ Webbed hands/ Gun range lets you shoot at each other/ Girls named after seasons.

Outro: 'The Opening Title Sequence' by Wale

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This week we talk about the Nascar royal rumble, Tommy knows Jeff Gordon, the breast feeding truck (THE MILK TRUCK), Robotic arms and fake skin, priests brawl, life lessons about porn, wild west duels, denim flip flops, people are dumb and Skyfall. 

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23. Negative Pheromones

It's election night! Two idiots talk about voting and politics/ LeVar Burton is at the end of the rainbow/ Worm Boy/ Cookie Monster is a python/ Dangerous cities/ turning 30/ Phone sex moms/ Michael J. Fox vs. Mathew Broderick in a steel cage death match/ Finding Krypton/ Corey and Topanga's happy accident/ Energy death drinks/ Chad Kroeger tales/ Just-in Beaver/ Finding Bigfoot in a blimp/ Your face is a highway. Leave us a review on iTunes!

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Tommy's tooth moved/  the Hemmingway whiskey/ Spooktacular/ Wilfred Brimley let the dogs out/ Naming hurricanes/ Taylor Swift talk/ The emotional pain of 5 Star notebooks/ Problems with horrible grammar/ Updating the Wendy's logo/ Russell Crowe is Noah and has an ark/ Arnold is Conan again/ The Girlfriend Body Pillow/ Marijuana lollipops/ Airbourne sharks/ Jabberjaws/ Vagina tombstones/ T.P. and forking/ Toilet goalie and Toilet Motorcycles/ Sum 41 vs. Nickelback & Avril Lavigne

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The Mayans and their calendar problems/ All Pumpkin Everything/ The Walking Dead/ Ron Jeremy Goes to Church/ Flammable sunscreen/ Lance Armstrong is a cheater/ the most expensive cocktail in the world/ McJordan BBQ sauce/ Fantasy Slut League/ the last Alanis Morissette fan/ Dave Coulier Stories/ Brain Amoeba/ Eating Cat/ Licking Toilet Seats/ Making a Nest/ Finding Bigfoot/ Snoop Lion (Dogg) and Hot Pockets + more

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Halloween costumes/ Do you shake Ron Jeremy's hand?/ Tommy smells like a cheap hooker/ Snoop Lion (Dogg) and his voting opinions/ Hulk Hogan's sex tape, brother/ Beer/ In Descent Proposal/ Wooly Mammoth/ Hobo Nick/ Growing up with Fred Durst/ Michigan Batman/ M & M bees/ Unique pair of cuff links/ Hands free and staff hookers/ Happy Columbus Day

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