Miserable Retail Slave

This week: Randy's stolen soul/ Lumbersexuals/ Once in a Great Moon/ Snake Proof Suit/ Bear Selfies/ The Man who was a Platypus/ More nonsense and tomfoolery

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Tommy's empowerment jeans/ the worst driver's license pic/ Getting recruited to be a Scientologist/ Randy's celebrity encounter/ Ebola/ clown sharks/ stealing the Batmobile/ All About That Bass/ Clyde Ghost/ Laugh changes

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A new episode?! This time: whistle skills/ The Pancake Saloon/ Wolf Whistle/ Tommy hearts One Direction/ Sigmund the Caterpillar/ first drinks/ Oversized glasses/ The Bagged Salad Incident/ The Lion Incident/ Tommy rambles on about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge/ Whoa: the TV show/ more.

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This week: TOMMY MEETS KID ROCK/ The Paper Towel Dispenser Dilemma/ What if you could use the Conta code to give yourself 30 lives/ Some gentle soul/ Tommy the 8th grade bully/ Sloppy Joe Collins/ Camp Buddies/ Dr. Seuss, gangster rapper/ Yahoo Answers

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This week: The Legend of Waldo/ Jay-Z/ Jonathan Livingston Seagull talk/ Tommy raps like Jay-Z/ Tyler Perry's The Bible/ The Art of Tim Allen's grunt

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This time: Antisocial Randy/ Rumpology, the study of rumps/ stupid songs/ Boston accents/ afterlife fights/ Jack Nicholson/ spelling bee fiasco/ The beemaster/ Kenny Loggins vs Eddie Money/ foreign movie titles/ Captains Planet and power

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This week: Glock Winchester III/ Tommy rambles about crime and stuff/ Ice cream cone life lessons/ Greybeard/ Isn't Heisenberg a balloon?/ McD's receipt tattoo/ a very strict artist/ animal things/ Cheap Thrills

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This week: Adele Dazeem/ The Oscars/Zombeavers/Zombassist/ Charlie Brown and Snoopy grow up/ Bobbing for trout/ Soylent Green is celebrities/ Eating your favorite celebrities/ Snowball, the living dead man/ National clown shortage/ Kurt Cobain's crying statue/ beard transplants and hipsters/ perverted America/ The Jacuzzi Floozies/ Tommy thinks Jennifer Lawrence is weird looking.

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A romantic Valentine's Day episode or something. To celebrate, Tommy and Randy write a Nicholas Sparks movie. Also: the three stages of drunk/ Robert Redford hair and concern lines/ Lex Luthor is not Lex Luger/ Tommy's drunk/ The sex life of Ron McDon/ Sweden's dirty Big Mac tactics/ A woman named Sexy/ the selfie causes the collapse of a country/ Tommy's romantic or something. Download and leave us a review on iTunes!

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This week: Yahoo answers/ chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit/ magic banana lights/ the return of Zombees/ freezer babies/ unnecessarily graphic/ check out my deltoids/ choose your own adventure podcast/ The Pizza Chronicles/ Mario is a furry/ a big career in show

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