Miserable Retail Slave

In which Randy is slowly losing his mind. We also talk about McDonald's "Mega Potato" released in Japan, dolphin-assisted births, and drop the bombshell that we're just a nation of ugs. Also, SHARKNADO, Hillary Clinton: the movie, a woman who was ran over 3 times by her own car, MMMhops, and the Mt. Everest traffic jam. Plus, that time Tommy scored a touchdown.

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The Mr. T Commandments/ Netflix Adultery/ Venezuela needs toilet paper/ Bath salts "zombie" victim update/ Pedal Pubs/ The steepest hill of death/ Ohio is rude/ Powerball ticket fail/ Mike Tyson Mysteries/ The Story of Glass Joe/ The Flaming Ron/ the pollen tsunami/ pregnancy frogs/ banana

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Iron Man 3/ Goots my hoot/ Great Gatsby (IN 3D) speculation/ Tommy and Randy arm wrestle/ time passes slowly in a hippo's mouth/ King Hippo was a formidable foe/ Carly Rae Jepsen prom date/ TweetPee/ hypnosis for bigger boobs/ the perils of Fall Out Boy concerts/ Guitars = girls/ My Little Pony vs. Care Bears/ Equestria Girls/ Where do mascots go when they die?/ Saved by the Bell continuity/ Banned names in New Zealand

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This week: Go fly a kite/ Tommy gets hit on by a guy/ Jason Collins/ In-flight flirting/ the great shorts debate/ Florida man with a foot fetish/ Ponytail zip line/ Hands off/ Man loses life savings at the carnival/ Buddy Cup/ The Washington Redtails/ The Saddest Day in 5 years

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