Miserable Retail Slave

Tommy's tooth moved/  the Hemmingway whiskey/ Spooktacular/ Wilfred Brimley let the dogs out/ Naming hurricanes/ Taylor Swift talk/ The emotional pain of 5 Star notebooks/ Problems with horrible grammar/ Updating the Wendy's logo/ Russell Crowe is Noah and has an ark/ Arnold is Conan again/ The Girlfriend Body Pillow/ Marijuana lollipops/ Airbourne sharks/ Jabberjaws/ Vagina tombstones/ T.P. and forking/ Toilet goalie and Toilet Motorcycles/ Sum 41 vs. Nickelback & Avril Lavigne

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The Mayans and their calendar problems/ All Pumpkin Everything/ The Walking Dead/ Ron Jeremy Goes to Church/ Flammable sunscreen/ Lance Armstrong is a cheater/ the most expensive cocktail in the world/ McJordan BBQ sauce/ Fantasy Slut League/ the last Alanis Morissette fan/ Dave Coulier Stories/ Brain Amoeba/ Eating Cat/ Licking Toilet Seats/ Making a Nest/ Finding Bigfoot/ Snoop Lion (Dogg) and Hot Pockets + more

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Halloween costumes/ Do you shake Ron Jeremy's hand?/ Tommy smells like a cheap hooker/ Snoop Lion (Dogg) and his voting opinions/ Hulk Hogan's sex tape, brother/ Beer/ In Descent Proposal/ Wooly Mammoth/ Hobo Nick/ Growing up with Fred Durst/ Michigan Batman/ M & M bees/ Unique pair of cuff links/ Hands free and staff hookers/ Happy Columbus Day

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This week: Tommy's scared of lap dances, Ke$ha has sex with a ghost, Pigs gone wild, Danny Bonaduce gets bit in the face, Jesus was my Beiber, Bagel Heads, MSU professor freak out, Looper, Beard Beer, the cuddle shop, Man escapes jail through a food slot, and remote controlled cyborg cockroaches.

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