Miserable Retail Slave

This is a "Best of" deal. "Greatest Hits," if you will, of selected episodes. Featuring reheated leftovers from episodes 34, 42, 45, 48, and 49. Topics include: Ham tramp stamps, I Adolph your plate, Horseman Baby, H2Oh Hell No, Dela-where?, The Toast Store, Pitbulls, Contra Kidney Exchange, Useless Luigi, Operation fan fiction and Don't touch ET. 

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This week: Bathroom etiquette/ Car and Driver/ Extreme Ironing/ Iceland facts/ Free Willy theme song/ skinny jeans/ the Tongue Twister Meister/ Teacher Torture Machines/ Stupid baby names

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This week: Tommy's short story book/ we react to the Reaction Podcast's reaction to us/ Wikifeet/ Ghost in the Cheerios/ Cereal reincarnation/ Randy's death embarrassment/ King Hippo's modesty/ Repressed video game swearing/ Yahoo answers/ Scooby-Dum/ the inflation of the 12 days of Christmas/ how romantic

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Guess who’s back?/ Tommy tries to tell jokes/ analyzing Charlotte’s Web/ Superman’s crazy taste buds/ Krypto the superdog/ half-rock groups/ Thanksgiving’s new mascot/ fart filtering underwear/ Yahoo answers/ Randy’s traumatic kindergarten story/ squats for subway/Middle finger statue aimed at your ex-wife

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Cimmaron LaMichaelson/ Butterfly into caterpillar/ society of potato heads/ gun permits for the blind/ whales tan, too/ #ERfollies/ Earth is a Hot Pocket/ Holocaust: the video game/ I'm a good point/ Mike Tyson plays Punch Out!!/ John Lennon's Tooth

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Movie festivals/ MEWvies/ Movie Boat/ Kiss my butt for $200/ Love notes/ A lady has hair that's 55 feet long/ RoboThespian/ World Toilet Day/ Jet packs/ Pepsi-flavored Cheetos/ Lose weight by breathing/ Yahoo Answers/ Unicorn Man/ important questions/ drive-in sex boxes

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This week: a woman dislocates her jaw eating a burger/ Lion-dog/ yeastiality/ telepathy with a rat/ Megadeth impressions/ the Harvard Dave Mustaines/ Facebook makes you sad/Rock bottom is wearing hand-me-down sweat pants

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The Sticks and Stones Defense/ National Hot Dog Day/ Tommy's good story/ Woman brings horse into McD's/ Horseists/ Letters to prevent gun violence/ Stay classy, Rolling Stone/ Shark wrestling/ Aquaman street fight/ Melvin, the loneliest whale in the world/ Dolphins have names like Bjorndorph/ Yahoo Answers

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Winkleman/ Sharknado/ Can I Sharknado happen?/ corpse flower/ Google Glass for dogs/ singing is as healthy as yoga/ Penmanship is a sexist word/ Wasted and tipsy/ yarn bombing/ Mr Rogers vs. Bill Cosby/ Put your shirt on

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Joey Chestnut/ Yahoo Answers: Pitbulls and warp tours/ The Expendables/ Ivan Drago's piggy back ride/ Rocky villians/ Extinct Ethels and Endangered Ednas/ Kid sells his kidney to clear his video game debt/ Contra Kidney Exchange/ The Buttercream Gang/Favorite Mario suits/BEWBIES/Beer is good for the heart!/ WebMD is not your friend/ I Adolph your plate/ The One Where Rachel Ate McDonald's/ Weekly rants: bluetooth and Fitness magazines

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