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2. Only Communists Hate Shark Week

This week: teenagers are eating fingers, nerds evolve, the Avengers hate adoptions, and George Lucas pulls a d*** move. Co-host Tommy is a Jonah Hill/Napoleon Dynamite mutant combo and doesn't know the difference between Breakfast at Tiffany's/The Breakfast Club AND Fried Green Tomatoes/Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Plus, RFP is afraid of sharks and doesn't believe in the "3 Men and a Baby" Ghost. You ain't going to sink my battleship, no way. Download, listen, leave us a review. Tell a friend to do the same.

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In our inaugural episode, RFP and the worst comedian ever, Tom E. Thompson, talk about being a pair of Tubthumpers, Call Me Maybe, Liam Neeson's saucy tales of wolf love, celebrity holograms (like Tupac and Freddie Mercury), Against Me!, "Call Me Maybe" is ear cocaine, and the best drunk driving story ever. Plus, Tommy is the only person in the world that hated The Avengers. Download, enjoy, and tell your friends to do the same.

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