Miserable Retail Slave

This week, we talk about Rock of Ages. Tommy wants to become a drifter and is ashamed of his round, melon head. RFP puts forth his hopes for a Kenny Loggins vault of unreleased music. Steven Seagal's poo pants, summer nights filled with Baywatch and zombie proof cars. Plus, Tommy gets name-dropped by a much bigger podcast. Download and leave us a review on iTunes. PLEASE!

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This episode: March of the Perverse Penguins, Hologram Woodstock, and the "Everybody Hates Us" rock tour. Also, Tommy gives out his phone number and mistakes Paula Cole for Chris Isaak. Plus, we talk about Twitter, discuss the importance of your Street Fighter II character, imagine what Scott Stapp is like in rehab, decide that the Wizard of Oz is a metaphor for purgatory, and marvel at the manliness of old action heroes. We touch on Ridley Scott, Alien, and Prometheus and bring up Alex Trebeck and Tom Selleck's magic mustaches. Hold these bananas!

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4. Modified Squirrel Kites

This week: Heli-cat, the flying cat carcass! Synchronized tennis grunting! Road House! Patrick Swayze vs. Slyvester Stallone! Say Anything disasters! Tommy gets a respect point! The 2-year boner! Winnie Cooper! A love song countdown! Join Randy and Tommy with Uncle Jesse on the drums for this week's rad episode. Find out why we are the ones who knock.

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This week we talk about all of the face-eating, entrails-tossing WTF news you can handle. Kevin Costner's a S.O.B. Tommy ruins American Horror Story and has a fever for more cowbell. Better city: Chicago vs. NYC. Walken and Donald Duck impressions abound. Plus: the Definitive Duck List, sheet ghosts, gay Green Lantern, zombie plans, plonkers, and the GNR 'Patience' challenge. Our Kool-Aid is better than your Kool-Aid. Download, listen, leave us a review, and tell a friend.

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