Miserable Retail Slave

This week: Green Day is in a rehab, Billie Joe Armstrong's meltdown. Chris Brown and neck tattoos. Ghosts like pie. Zom-bees. A fella who isn't master of his domain. Dr Um. Epic nurse fail. If it's good enough for Lance Armstrong. Eating Giants. Wednesday Night Alcohol Poisoning. 

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This week: We replace "YOLO" and get America's take on Captain America, president. We mourn the passing of Hologram Tupac, hit the Supermanket and discuss the theory of tantric laughter. We ponder why Uncle Jesse got the shaft; Randy vs his arch nemesis, Kevin Costner; and, for some reason, the movie "Ghost." Leave us a review on iTunes!

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This week:  A red head named Ginger, the true meaning of labor day, Fat Albert, Tommy's off the wagon and Breaking Bad. Plus, we talk about potential jobs, Honey Boo Boo has a TV show. We share a slice of Americana, talk about boom anime babes, Tom Cruise's wife menu and the teacher of the year. Also, snugglef***s.

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