Miserable Retail Slave

Randy's desolate life/ Coffee rage/ Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos and the hopes of America/ Bacon-shelled tacos and obese America/ Mediocre country vs. Mediocre rap/ Tommy defends Taylor Swift/ the #1 drink in America/ The Jason Voorhees of Dolphins/ Zipper accidents/ New members

Outro: "Cake Boy" by Sir Mix-a-Lot

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This week: Jumping the shark/ The Fonz is Mathew McCaonaughey/ Stallone vs. The Danza/ Tommy talks about The Bachelor and Bones/ Clearing your history/ Headstone sponsorship/ Farmer Death/ Living to be 150/ A boy named Rover/ the only 30 year old teenager in America/ Pee Pants/ Random movie chat/ Captain Spork/ Robin dies/ Krang/ Jennifer Love-Hewitt's $5 million boobs/ Donkey Kong for feminists

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The Time Tommy Almost Met Bob Seger/ National Cereal Day and cereal maps/ Tommy appreciates milk/ Smells Like Old Spice/ Lance Armstrong causes air pollution/ the myth of the Beer Goggles/ Will Smith's thug life/ Gun crotch/ Kissin' Octopi/ the hellwaters of Florida/ Sugardaddie.com, USA/ In the jungle, the mighty jungle/ Jesus up/ Cow licking/ Thong Bandit/ Yahoo answers/ Rapefruit/ Valentina

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