Miserable Retail Slave

Staff Sergeant/ Tommy’s weird on coffee/ Charlie Brown analysis/ Iron Will and Cool Runnings/ the Prince of Podcasts/ Tommy’s Ghostly Dog/ Is Tommy the Best IN the Midwest/ Dating advice: does the guy always pay?/Bob Dylan speaks/Tommy SPOILS The Visit/ Erase your life/ Tommy doesn’t know how things work/Bored with Netflix/ People Make People/ Lady Zaza/Catastrophe/I have this pill joke/Portly

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THE TOP 15 BEST MOVIE SOUNDTRACK SONGS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD EVER/The Popcorn Trick/3-star/ CREED and the continuation of Rocky/ the problems with the Rocky timeline/ Godzilla vs. King Kong/superhero movies/ Paul hates Guardians of the Galaxy/Demolition vs. The Lobster/ The Challenge/ Soundtrack Soungs


Intro "Gangsta" - Bushwalla

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WEIRD SHOW. Netflix and Chill/ Washington gives birth to hip things/ Randy’s Gun Leg/ Podcast showdown/ Tommy’s day of responsibility/ Chicken/ VMAs/ Caitlyn/ Tommy’s transgender name/ Hamsters in the Military/ Miley Fan ‘Cast/ Isolated vocals/ People watch Netflix/ Special Guest: Arnold/ Stephen Colbert/ New patron saint of MRS/ Contest to win Tommy’s flip phone/ Tommy argues with Conan the Destroyer

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