Miserable Retail Slave

This week Tommy drinks souls; The Dark Knight Rises is a commercial for something else; You should probably call Carly Rae Jepsen; Courtney Love has opinions; Dane Cook is a douche; Pole sports; KStew hates RPat; Sheep lovin'

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Audio alert: one of the mics cuts out until the 7:20 mark. So if you wanna skip ahead, that's the place to start. This week: 40 hours of video gaming; the Man of Steel trailer, with 79% more Kevin Costner outrage; the man who lives with goats; Tommy's pal, Bob Dylan; we review Kreayshawn's "Go Hard (La.La.La.)"; RIP Sherman Helmsley; Sherman Helmsley, the singer; the Olympics; how not to be possessed by a demon; Pete Rose and Fred Willard - dirty old men; Kenny Chesney can get you shot; Snoop Lion; and Tommy begins his transformation into Pauly Shore. 

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Our first try drinking and recording this episode resulted in good stuff, but audio problems. Our second try resulted in decent stuff and a couple of drunks (one of us is drunker than the other, we'll let you decide which one that is). We talk about Grampy Jim's youthful tales, Serial huggers, more on the Miami face eater, and Marilyn Manson's uterus. Randy schools Tommy on the origin of Kin Kardashian. We review Green Day's new single, "Oh Love." When otters attack, shark bites, women in MMA, and Tommy is a thief. Feed me that face for that lunch I fed you.

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This week: Tommy rages against Nicholas Sparks and The Notebook; Souls for sale on ebay; All cats are lost souls; why does Wonder Woman fly like that?; Why does Sebastian the crab want me to get to first base with Ariel?; Soula Coaster; Orange face and sunscreen pills; Dragon Slayer; Joey Chestnut eats a lot of meat; Plushies and Ted; Spider-Man; Justice League; Dave Grohl's drum sticks; Plus, trailer hitch testicles and boob headlights. Enjoy the show, tell a friend to download and leave us a review on iTunes.

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Not a great first listen. If this is your first time listening, go listen to Episode 3 or something. Due to audio difficulties and Randy's hangover, this episode is a bit of a mess and shorter than normal. These are a few things we talk about: Helen Keller is better than you / how Magic Mike is unfair / the Air Sex Championships / Bald eagles need to have American flags attached to them / 'Merica! / Hacksaw Jim Duggan / Bee Sting, Flint's resident super hero / Randy, the Jehovah witness. As always, tell your friends to download (just not this ep) and leave us a review on iTunes (not based on this ep)

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