Miserable Retail Slave

Optimism Prime/Tommy's new outlook on life/ Pen Names/ How ballas do/ Tommy gives a history lesson/ Norwegian Woman Hangs Used Condom Collection On Her Wall/ Tommy has a girlfriend in The Regular World/ Seattle Amanda (@mandasaures_rex) calls in for online dating advice and calls Randy "Beige Curtains"/ Cute Picture Ratios/ You’re not Jess from New Girl/ What Would Your Mortal Kombat finisher Be?/ Randy has a talking brain like Krang/ Randy has cracked the online dating code/ Randy’s solid closer/ Mystery and The Pick-up Artist/ "I do know these groups of young magicians"/ The NEW Randy/ Tommy ruins a girl’s spring break/ Amanda gets attacked by Eddie Vedder/Listen to the Rise and Fall of an Arrogant Man in Real Time

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