Miserable Retail Slave

A Retail Rant/ A Leatherfaced Harpy/ Tommy learned what GOAT means/ The Randy-Man Can/ That’s Deceiving/ Band-Aid/ Tommy worries about blood on his sandwich/ Stretched out belly buttons/ Bloody Band-Aids/ The Great Nacho Fiasco of 2012/ Fat Tuesday/ Another gas station tale/ Calamity Randy/ Freedom Gas/ Pay Attention/ Step Dad terms/ Lark/ The worst kinds of Shauns/ Online dating nonsense/ Fake News/ The worst kind of subtraction problem/ Red/ Illuminati Brother/ Red’s Pictures/ Everything’s a hoot/ Shy Bladder and the Kidney Stones/ A Clip from “Let Me Tell Ya”/ Mr. Power Struggle/ Tommy likes Maron/ The Miserable Hotline/ Must Love Belly Buttons/ Tommy’s arch enemy/ Tommy gets attacked on The Miserable Hotline/Tommy smelled like mothballs for an entire year


(episode 151)

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