Miserable Retail Slave

recorded while driving/ Last Comic Standing's Dave Landau/ All Black Everything/ Mom's spaghetti/ umbiliica cords/ outties/ the Semi Gang/the most offensive word/ the saddest woman in the world/ the eye doctor/ Bad Blood Pressure/ Fed Up/ Rims/ Pregnant hands

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This is a short LOST EPISODE. What a treat. Not a great first listen. Go listen to the last episode, if you haven’t. Then come back and listen to this one! 


Scheming Tommy/ Nefarious Nosferatu /Randy impersonates Bruce Springsteen/ Faking your death/ John Doerr/ Vin Diesel/ Superfudge/ babality/ One Direction sadness

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BIG SHOW. A scholar is born/These bonfires/sultry sad songs/year 3/The Quest for Morbidly/Grampy Jim Wisdom/Tommy lies about surfing/Sexy Red Hairs, what are those?/Molly Ringworm/The Tree Ginger/Montage of Heck/Tommy plays a game/Tommy Was./Urinal Conversation Etiquette/Middle Blue/Bar Fights/Giggles the Pig for Mayor/Pig Pen/Subway DNA/The Humburglar/ AND SO MUCH MORE. OMG.



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