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THE TOP 15 BEST MOVIE SOUNDTRACK SONGS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD EVER/The Popcorn Trick/3-star/ CREED and the continuation of Rocky/ the problems with the Rocky timeline/ Godzilla vs. King Kong/superhero movies/ Paul hates Guardians of the Galaxy/Demolition vs. The Lobster/ The Challenge/ Soundtrack Soungs


Intro "Gangsta" - Bushwalla

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WEIRD SHOW. Netflix and Chill/ Washington gives birth to hip things/ Randy’s Gun Leg/ Podcast showdown/ Tommy’s day of responsibility/ Chicken/ VMAs/ Caitlyn/ Tommy’s transgender name/ Hamsters in the Military/ Miley Fan ‘Cast/ Isolated vocals/ People watch Netflix/ Special Guest: Arnold/ Stephen Colbert/ New patron saint of MRS/ Contest to win Tommy’s flip phone/ Tommy argues with Conan the Destroyer

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Scratch off ticket/ Beaver tails/ eating Mr Ed/ Scenario/ Meeting the dad/ Best in the Midwest/ Pooductivity/ It Never Stops/ Playing with people’s hair/ Rattlesnake selfie/bear beer snob/ the incident

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Mysterious Wigwam and the trash collector man/ Do people have memories?/YouTube channels/ Bee Mouth/ Breathe Responsibly/ The Notebook: The TV Series/ KFC Memories Bucket/ Cull the sharks/ Sharks with Vendettas/Tommy reviews Pixels/ I am Chris Farley/ Haha vs LOL/ Cyborg Activism/ Tommy doesn’t know what a reboot is/ 1989 bad/ Man goes on vacation, becomes goat. UPDATE/Adam Sandberger

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The Man Who Laughs/ Mr. Church/ “Backpedaling” Thompson/ More on The Taste Buds/ Tommy saw Bryan Adams/ A new app/ Mother-in-law/ These baby stares/ Tommy has trouble with Ralph Fiennes/ The Hollywood Howdy/ The ‘80s Club/Tommy’s Home for Wayward Lads and Lassies/ More Roadhouse talk/Hulk Hogan is a racist/ The Ballad of The Traveling Hairdresser/ These kids and their slang/THE MOST EMBARRASSING STORY EVER TOLD/ The Book of The Ends/ State Shaming

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This week: Energy drink insanity/ Tommy's hair/ white shirts/ Tommykaze/ long walks along the beach/ weird sights in Portland/ horse relations/ and much much more

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This week: Monster Trucks and Free Beer/ Parking Cars/ 10 Whacks/ the desecration of a Big Boy bathroom/ The Wonder Years discussion/ Public Restrooms/ Gay Marriage/Yahoo Answers/ The Passion for Potatoes/ Tommy tries to say Sphinx/ Food Network Famous/ Colds/ Dud Goodwin/ The Beat Pole

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Gods of pod/ twisters/ More Grampy Jim wisdom/ Finger Lakes/ Other People's Cooking/Barely Towns/ No Future for a Fetus/ Creating Band Names/ Other People's Podcasts/ Spiritual Damage/ Demon Cart/Off Brand Sodas/ Magic Carpet Rides/ Friendly Sharks/ Deadly Cows/ Skinny Jeans

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Paulie Walnuts/ These Tattoos/ The Inked One/ Tommy's Garlic/Jobs/ A metaphorical reading of Green Eggs and Ham/ Stormy/ Judgemental Search Engine/ Super Mario analysis/ Counting Russell Crowes/ Flower Paul/ Does Jay-Z use coupons/ Earl Dibbles/ church signs/ MORE.

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recorded while driving/ Last Comic Standing's Dave Landau/ All Black Everything/ Mom's spaghetti/ umbiliica cords/ outties/ the Semi Gang/the most offensive word/ the saddest woman in the world/ the eye doctor/ Bad Blood Pressure/ Fed Up/ Rims/ Pregnant hands

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